Collagen peptide

Form a fresh and youthful skin and strong bones

Japan will enter an ageing society in the 21st century. As we get older, we lose our stamina, and problems such as adult diseases, menopausal disorders, and recently osteoporosis are increasing. The reason is that the metabolic rate becomes low, which leads to senility, or slower recovery from sickness or chronic disease. Therefore, we believe collagen helps to keep your health and beauty by slowing ageing, and preventing and protecting you from disease. Collagen has a very close relationship to our body.....Collagen peptide is a gelatine, which is broken down into lower molecules so that it functions better in the digestion and absorption processes. Furthermore, while high molecular collagen or gelatine turns into gel when cooled, which limits the proper amount of compounds and manufacturing, collagen peptide has little chance of turning into gel. This characteristic makes it possible to be used in low-viscous drinks, and many other new foodstuffs such as processed food, all of which were difficult to make use of .

1.easily digested and absorbed into the body
2.easily dispersed and dissolved in water
3.little smell and high transparency
4.solution is of low viscosity
5.low allergen component
6.high moisture retention
7.pure low calory protein used as health food,diet food. etc...
Gelatine is used for....
●Health foods.snacks, other general food
●Beauty drinks. health drinks
●Cosmetics, bath goods
●medicine for intestinal disorders
●medical supplies