High-quality protein provided by nature

There are a lot of naturally occurring proteins in nature. Amongst these, which form the most important components of our lives, gelatine is the only animal protein, which has the unique property of repeating reversible sol-gel at near body temperature. It also has characteristics of elasticity, water retention, foaming, protective colloidal properties, emulsification, gloss, etc. and these characteristics make it possible to use gelatine for various purposes. Gelatine is a protein called collagen, which is contained in animal skins, bones, ligaments, and tendons, etc. Cow skins, pig skins, and cow bones are used for the materials of gelatine.

1.Dissolves when heated,and coagulates when cooled.
2.Does not dissolve in a cold water generally, but expands by absorbing cold water. When this swollen gelatine is heated, it dissolves and returns to liquid.
3.Gelatine solution contains high density foam, which is used in food production.
4.It is a hydropilic colloid. The protective colloidal properties are strong enough to be used as a stabilizer of hydrophobic colloid. 
Gelatine is used for....
●For CookingAll kinds of jelly, soft sweets, gumi, yogurt, ice cream, mousse, seasonings, emulsification stabilizer, and other food products.
●For Health CareAll kinds of capsules, cataplasm, pills, suppository base, styptics etc.
●For PhotosPhoto films, photographic paper, X-ray film etc.
●For CosmeticsShampoo, lotion, and other skincare products.
●For IndustriesPaper articles, paper pipe, bookbinding, woodwork, metal refining, grinding paper or cloth, matches, Indian ink, and other glues.